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ECG1201 Electrocardiograph

Bio Medical Equipment

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ECG1201 Electrocardiograph


ECG1201 is an electrocardiograph checking physiological function by recording activity waveform of heart bioelectricity, it can provide basic information for diagnosis and treatment of many heart diseases, analyze and know each arrhythmia, diagnose many cardiovascular diseases, which helps know the influence to the cardiac muscle arising from the turbulence of some medicine and electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, therefore, ECG takes an important part in heart disease check. ECG1201 is a full-digital and high-performance 12-channel electrocardiograph which prints by thermal printing system, fashion design, easy to carry, and it is applicable for use in hospitals, ordinary laboratories, clinic and visiting a patient at home. 

Main Features

1)Sync collection for 12-lead ECG, which provides real basis for exact clinical diagnosis.
2)Display 12-lead ECG waveform on one screen.
3)Built-in real-time analysis software for age, which ensures more accurate and reliable analysis results.
4)Adopt digital signal processing technology, which effectively restrains baseline drift, AC and EMG interference.
5)HR check function.
6)Measurement and analysis function for ECG, which effectively reduces doctor’s burden.
7)Print mode: manual/auto, standard 12-channel, 3-channel, 6-channel+rhythm lead, 6-channel+P, arrhythmia analysis.
8)Rhythm lead function, which is convenient to observe abnormal heart beat.
9)Standard RS-232 and USB interface.
10)Built-in Help function: including the description for electrode placement, basic knowledge for ECG, troubleshooting, etc. 
11)High-resolution thermal printing system, which ensures clear and accurate waveform mark, with detailed character annotation.



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