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PM85 Remote ECG Monitor

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PM85 Remote ECG Monitor


PM85 Remote ECG Monitor is a kind of portable device that can perform 24h dynamic monitoring for heart diseases such as arrhythmia, coronary heart disease and so on. The device is applicable for hospital, community medical establishment, etc. 

Main Features

1)Automatic analysis of arrhythmia based on MCSSTM and TMCATM, greatly reduce the workload of physicians
2)There are more than 10 templates and multiple user-defined modules, such as atrial premature beat module, ventricular premature beat module, long interval module, atrial flutter module, atrial fibrillation module, etc., which could almost identify every kind of pathologic waveform
3)Flexible analysis channel selection function, any channel can be chosen as the mainly analysis channel
4)Flexible atrial fibrillation analysis. Physicians can use full/segmented analysis of atrial fibrillation automatically or manually, which makes the analysis more quick and accurate.
5)Powerful pacemaker analysis, support analysis on all pacemakers, such as AAI, VVI, DDD, etc.
6)Fast review analysis function, single lead or all leads ECG of any period of time can be reviewed.
7)Perfect function of case management
8)Advanced ST segment analysis. ST abnormal analysis can be carried out according to whole process and event, which provides basis of comprehensive judgment upon myocardial ischemia for physicians.
9)Unique "Sleep apnea" analysis can predict sleep breath pause risk.



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